Turn your students into
star applicants

Polish interview skills with mock digital interviews

Polish Interviewing Skills of your students

Your course curriculum is exhaustive with various new age disciplines but maybe does not cover interviewing skills. Your students have mastered the art of preparing before any exam, why not help them master the art of interviewing and transform themselves into Star Applicants to land themselves into their dream jobs ?

Save Time and Effort, prepare more students in less time

Eliminate scheduling students and asking same questions repeatedly. Just custom build interviews based on specialization disciplines and invite students to take the digital interview. Provide feedback on non verbal and non verbal cues tagging small clippings of their recorded video with specific comments on polishing their skills. Students can retake the interview as many times to practice and resubmit to see improvement in their skills.

Leverage your Alumni to fine tune job market trends and get additional feedback for students

You Alumni are there in the playing field. They have deep understanding of the latest trends and what organizations are seeking from your students. Fine tune what kind of skills are being assessed, share recorded mock digital interviews of students and get their feedback and insights to polish your students skills.