Enhance client transparency, differentiate your services

Present CV along with recorded video interview

Give client transparency a new defination

Enhance the two dimensional file of applicants you present to your clients a three dimensional view of the applicant. Share a recorded digital interview of applicants presented complete with tagged short video clips of key competencies you discovered and your complete assessment. Take client transparency to a completely new level.

Stand out embracing the latest technology in recruitment industry

Reach out to digital savvy Gen X and Gen Y applicants with technology that resonates with their current generation. Empower applicants who prefer to interview beyond office hours by giving them flexibility of time, venue and device. And enhance the productivity of your team giving them flexibility of time, venue and device to screen applicants while focusing on strategic initiatives during peak office hours.

Reach Top Talent faster

Top talent is always in high demand. Don’t lose them to competition. Timing and speed is critical in your business. Use our automated tools to interview multiple applicants simultaneously even in hours when your team is not working and screen applicants 5X faster skipping full interviews without emotions by rating applicants first on few selected questions.