Accelerate peak potential of your revenue generating items

Train using digital video

Train Employees with Digital Age bite-sized Learning

Attention span of today’s digitalized lifestyle humans has fallen to 8 seconds. With passive learning methods your employees retain not more than 20%. Create convenient, bite sized mobile training modules that will help your employees rapidly master new skills and information with EvueMe Train

Expedite Time to Productivity

Reduce time to productivity of your new employees by more than 50%. Improve knowledge transfer effectiveness for your new hires with recorded video training. Allow your employees to absorb at their own pace, as often as they need.

Accelerate effectiveness of revenue generating and customer facing teams

Capture your Ace team members in action sharing invaluable personal experiences, make your best performers answer queries from your employees of varied on ground situations on mobile video. Let your employees watch on their mobile these best practices from real heroes in your organization, review and comment to sharpen their skills quickly.

Supercharge communications to the remotest team members

In today’s VUCA world, change is a constant. Market conditions change. New products and new communications need to reach your remotest team member extremely fast in a way that they can internalize. Record new product videos, Technical demonstrations, sales pitch, call center pitch and share with your teams instantly with continuous training and practice opportunities.